Helping to Build Stronger Leaders and Teams

Understanding and fully utilising our strengths will lead to a greater sense of fulfilment and effectiveness in our work.

Steve is a consulting psychologist who specialises in leadership development and team building in the educational and corporate
sectors using a strengths based approach.

What are clients saying?

Actuate Leadership has played a significant role in maximising the productivity of our business. Steve Bagi has shown us the benefits of unlocking the strengths of a business’s most valuable asset – its staff. Working to people’s strengths and harnessing the best out of your staff is vital for the overall health and wellbeing of a business. Too many businesses neglect these elements and wonder why they are not retaining staff, improving their productivity, or maximising their business returns.

Steve demonstrates his insight and passion for developing individual and team strengths via his strength based leadership program. What I appreciated most about working with Steve was his ability to create an open and honest space where individual and team strength discussion becomes a dialogue on how we can best work together and continue to build on this in the future.

With the recent addition of some new members to the team, Steve’s work around strengths was timely. It enabled members to understand their colleagues better, and how to maximize the use of their skills and talents in order to build a high functioning team.

The Strengths Program is one of the most valuable team building / professional development workshops I have attended in recent years. What I enjoyed most was the relational nature of the program. Our whole team was able to spend time talking about what we all do well and our strengths. Very inspirational and refreshing.